One of the funniest dinner theater shows in Pigeon Forge!

The Killbillies

Back from Beverly Hills to start a new life in Pigeon Forge, meet the Clampett Family. Jed the patriarch of the clan has designs on a new life and a new wife after some financial and zombie problems in California. Ellie May and Jethro are up to their own brand of mischief and hijinks, while Granny misses her California life as much as she misses her motorcycle gang. All this and more in a brand new take of your favorite characters in the Beverly Killbillies!

Moonshine Murders

Grab your hats and hold on to your seats ’cause it’s gonna be a bumpy ride in Sevier County tonight!

The Lukes have been runnin’ shine for years in the Sevier County hills. The unscrupulous Boss Boar and his henchwoman, local law officer Roscette P. Ketrain, have pursued them for years to no avail. But Sevier County has now become a prime tourist destination with increased traffic, making it harder for the Lukes to outrun the incompetent law woman.

Murdering Mr. Scrooge

Welcome to the South Pole, ya’ll! Santa relocated the whole shebang down South, where the folks have a flair for Southern hospitality. Meet Suzy Snowflake the local diner owner and Frosty the Tow-Man! Meet Bobbie Cratchett, Mr. Scrooge’s loyal accountant who is hoping to get a special someone for Christmas. Join Ebenezer Scrooge and see if he gets one more chance to change his cold-hearted ways before it’s too late. Watch all the Christmas comedy and hi-jinx unfold in this tale of a Christmas Carol…the southern way.