One of the funniest dinner theater shows in Pigeon Forge!

The Killbillies

The Clampetts are back from California and not everyone is happy to be back home in Tennessee. Join Jed, Ellie Mae, Jethro and Granny for a wedding celebration sure to leave you rolling in the aisles!

Moonshine Murders

The Lukes are wheeling and dealing their family shine recipe to a potential buyer on the same night Boss Boar is having his Bi-Weekly Boss Boar Celebrity Concert featuring Elvis! Join Bessie, Duke and Lily as they figure out the family fate and avoid jail time in a night of mayhem and moonshine!

Who Shot The Sheriff!

Howdy, Partner! Welcome to Dodge City, home of Sheriff Dill Dillon, he keeps the peace in these parts…or tries to anyway. Saddle up and join Sheriff Dillion, Mrs. Kitty, Doc, Rooster and Calamity Patty for a night of singing and slaying in our western musical comedy murder mystery.

Murdering Mr. Scrooge

Welcome to the South Pole for a very southern Christmas celebration. Mr. Scrooge is up to his usual humbug attitude and wants to make sure that no one in town has a Merry Christmas. Join Suzy, Frosty, Bobbie and Scrooge in our musical comedy Christmas show!