One of the funniest dinner theater shows in Pigeon Forge!

The Killbillies

Years have passed since the Clampetts moved to Beverly Hills. Well, now they are back home in the mountains, but a lot has changed. As we all do, the Clampetts have gotten themselves in a bind. Jed is marrying Jane Hathaway, and boy are they in for a bumpy ride! Ellie Mae was forced to leave her beloved critters back in California, but Jethro didn’t mind leaving Beverly Hills. He’s just happy to go fishin’! Granny fell for a bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks: A biker named Snake who rides with the Hell’s Angels and introduced Granny to the art of Tattoo. The family fled California after hearing what they thought was an announcement by the president saying that zombies were invading and to flee the hills. It looks like the Clampetts have their work cut out for them if they want to get things back in order. Keep your eyes open for trouble and if you hear gunshots, for Pete’s sake, duck your head! Find out if your favorite hillbilly family makes it through! Don’t touch that dial!

Moonshine Murders

The Lukes have been runnin’ shine for years in the Sevier County hills. The unscrupulous Boss Boar and the hench-woman Roscette P. Ketrain have pursued them for years to no avail. But, Sevier County has now become a prime tourist destination with increased traffic, making it harder for the Lukes to outrun the incompetent law woman. It is for this reason that Bessie Luke has decided to sell the highly sought after, top-secret moonshine recipe to the local distillery at the ‘Bi-Weekly Boss Boar Celebrity Speed Trap Concert’ featuring Elvis. The only problem is that Bessie Luke hasn’t discussed the sale of the family business with the rest of the family. The evening of the concert has the whole county vying for the top-secret moonshine recipe, and is full of murder, mayhem, and of course – moonshine. So grab your hats and hold on to your seats cause it’s gonna be a bumpy ride in Sevier County tonight!

Murdering Mr. Scrooge

Tonight, you will meet a merry bunch of residents from the small town of South Pole. Suzy Snowflake owns this diner, and owes money to Ebenezer Scrooge, like most people in this town. Scrooge moved here years ago and turned our town upside down. His humbug ways have made every Christmas blue. Frosty’s family lost their snowglobe business to old man Scrooge, and he finally opened a wrecker service to get back on his feet. Bobbie Crotchett’s family has worked for the man for three generations, and she has nothing because of it. Join us tonight and we might just see Scrooge discover the true meaning of Christmas and make the jingle bells ring again… but keep your eyes open for what might be an ice cold mystery.

Who Shot The Sheriff!

Howdy Partner! Welcome to Dodge City! The Wild West can be a dangerous place, so saddle up and keep your eyes and ears sharp. Sheriff Dillon is busy as always wrangling up outlaws, and spending his evenings at Miss Kitty’s Saloon. However, a lawman’s job is never done. Calamity Patty has rolled into Dodge, no doubt to stir up trouble. Join Sheriff Dillon, Miss Kitty, and Doc Adams as a night full of gunslingers, gamblers, and outlaws takes our gang on a wild ride. Pull up a stump and enjoy ‘Who Shot The Sheriff’!