Slaying the Smokies for the last 15 years!

Moonshine Murders

The Lukes are wheeling and dealing their family shine recipe to a potential buyer on the same night Boss Boar is having his Bi-Weekly Boss Boar Celebrity Concert featuring Elvis! Join Bessie, Duke and Lily as they figure out the family fate and avoid jail time in a night of mayhem and moonshine!
*This is a PG rated show, fun for the whole family.

Who Shot The Sheriff!

Howdy, Partner! Welcome to Miss Kitty’s Drinkin’ Stump Saloon where the first one’s free, but the second might cost you your life. Keepin’ the peace in these here parts ain’t always easy, but Sheriff Dill Dillon does the best he can. With a new business proposition on the horizon, and gunslingers running rampant, the safety of Dodge City is under siege. Saddle up and join Sheriff Dillon and the rest of Dodge City for a night of singing, shootin’ and slaying in our smash-hit, Wild West musical comedy.
*This is a PG rated show, fun for the whole family.

Marriage Can Be Murder

It’s the day of Michael and Lisa’s wedding but so far nothing seems to be going right! The in-laws hate each other, the Minister is MIA, and the wedding planner is absolutely useless. Things get even trickier once the bodies start hitting the floor and pandemonium ensues. Join us for this delightful evening of murder, mayhem and…marriage. Knock your socks off comedy with twists and turns around every corner. RSVP today to secure your seat at the deadliest wedding in the Smokies!
*This is a PG-13 rated show. Parental discretion advised.